thomas northam portraitThomas Northam started his career as an Information Technology Specialist working for a Fortune 500 company. He had no traditional training, instead he taught himself with endless hours of textbooks in the library, and hands on experience. This dedication to learning and understanding, combined with a solid work ethic, helped him achieve awards and promotions at work. In 2012, he became interested in Internet Marketing, learning in his spare time.

In 2013, the company went through a transitioning phase to outsource its IT department, and he was laid off. He spent the next year learning the best practices, every rule of internet marketing, every technique, every tool of the trade, and he put it to good use. In 2014, he created a retail store with a friend, applying his new skills. Within 6 months, the store had become very popular, in part due to the marketing efforts of Thomas. It became so popular, he sold his half of the company.

Thomas used this opportunity to turn his hobby of Internet Marketing into a full time career, and thus, Tower Marketing was created. Thomas will create massive success for you and your business just as he has for his own.