What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, it the process of optimizing a website page to increase its position on search engines. SEO makes is easier for people to find you and your business or services.

Why should you do SEO to your website?

Showing up on the first page of results in the search engines means much more visitors to your site. A whopping 95% of people will select a result on the first page, so if you are not found there, the chances of people visiting your site and buying your products or services is next to nothing.

When you are at the top of the search results page, you get most of the visitors who are ready to spend their money, which can turn your small business into a very profitable one with no shortage of clients.

Can my IT person or Web developer do this?

No. SEO is a skill not taught in schools or colleges. It is a specialized career path that falls into the marketing category, not Information Technology. While Tower Marketing often works together with web developers, the skills and knowledge are entirely different. For more information, see the article on the 5 tips for choosing an SEO Agency.

How much will this cost?

Every business is different, and has their own set of unique challenges. Some factors to consider are your current website position, if there are penalties applied to it, and the level of competition, which breaks down to how much time and effort need to be placed into your website. A company who has a dog walking business is going to cost far less than a lawyer trying to overtake the top position in his city. To get an accurate price quote please fill out our Discovery Form.

How long will it take to see results?

I always inform my clients that there is a 6-month commitment to complete the process, but results of the methods I use will be seen in the first 2 months. Companies that promise you faster rankings are typically using shady methods which will produce short term gains, eventually leading to penalties and worse positioning than when you started. Using strong industry proven methods that create long term results are the only methods that I use, and can rest assured your website will maintain its high positioning for months or years after our business is completed.

What happens if I lose my top search engine position?

Your top positions should stay in effect for a long time, often a year or two. However, in more competitive markets, this may happen faster. Eventually it will happen, however it is not as bad as it may seem. Since we build your site to be strong and authoritative, and we use better methods than our competitors, bringing it back to the top should only take a month of work, and you will once again be able to maintain the position for long periods of time.