3 Simple Steps to Get Your Business Found (and Trusted) Online

Posted on: April 26, 2016 by in Uncategorized
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As an SEO, increasing my client’s online visibility is my sole focus. It always amazes me how some of the simplest ways to improve your brand are often not taken advantage of. Below is a list of things you can do to help your business succeed online.


Google My Businessgooglemybusiness

No, don’t google my business (you probably already have done that). Claim your “Google My Business” page! Simply search that phrase and try to find your business. Chances are it’s already listed if you have a healthy business, but don’t be alarmed if it’s not. You can add your business, and provide information that may be helpful to others.


Be sure to fill out as much information as possible, such as your location/address, store hours, your services, and phone number. Doing so will help users find you in Google maps, and if they search your store hours or telephone number, google can provide it to them. Most importantly, you are telling the big G what your business is about, so when people search for the services you provide, you will be part of that list.


Encourage Customer Reviews5 star review

Now that you have claimed your business page on Google, it’s time to get some reviews! Reach out to customers that seem to have had a positive experience with your services and ask for a review. The more recent the better. You should have a database of customer contact info, like email addresses, right? Well if you don’t, today is a great time to start! You should not incentivize a positive review, however, as this is against Google’s terms of service, and they could remove your listing for trying to game the system.

Now when people search for your business or services, they will see your 5-stars from your previous clients for stellar service! This will make new clients trust you more, and choose you over the other guy with a low star rating or no stars at all.

Now that you’re getting the hang of things, keep pushing the boundaries. Repeat step 1 and 2 for other websites such as Yelp and Facebook.


Update your site regularly

Google loves websites that are fresh, so do customers. Be sure to always be adding something new. It could be a new youtube video, a new promotion, or just write something your customers will enjoy or find helpful. Example, if you’re a chiropractor, write an article about the benefits of posture, or create a promotion like refer a friend and get a free adjustment.


These are simple steps you can take to start increasing your web presence, and building trust between you and your potential clients. If this seems complicated for you, or you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, check out our social optimization service and we will create, and optimize, everything for you.